Since 1987 SOMM srl operates in the design, production and installation of elegant shading and snow loading cantilever roofs for the protection of cars, campers and motorcycles parked in parking areas outdoors from atmospheric agents: the heat of the summer sun, the rain, the hail, the snow.
The success of SOMM has its origins in the uniqueness and refinement of its cantilever roof, whose distinctive design “Ala di Gabbiano”, slender and essential, is capable of enhancing any landscape, in a harmonious fusion with the surrounding environment.
The appreciation of the Public is made manifest from the beginning of the activity, when the Company has the privilege to realize the first supplies of its shading cantilever roofs on the whole Italian motorway network, for the major groups Autogrill ltd and Highways ltd.
A great opportunity for SOMM, whose installations of cantilever roofs have been and are a sort of permanent showcase for the audience of potential buyers and have allowed and still allow the notoriety and success of SOMM srl as Creator of a new and original cantilever roof, recognizable and able to differentiate itself from other proposals, being the only one able to combine Functionality and Beauty.
SOMM srl is grateful to the wide public of its customers: private citizens, small and medium enterprises, large multinational companies, public institutions at various levels, who have chosen SOMM and  have reconfirmed their choice in the years, thus witnessing the reliability and correctness, the passion and devotion with which this Company has always operated on the market.
Giving the Welcome to the Visitor of the website, SOMM is pleased to mention some of the most important customers, illustrate its trademarks, testify in pictures the history of the cantilever roof “Ala di Gabbiano” SOMM, unchanged 1987 to present.